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Avalon is an integrated professional management system of all functional areas included in holiday, city or mixed hotel chains that are made up of hotels or resorts located anywhere around the world.

Antfor has strategically positioned Avalon on the market as a robust hotel chain management system that not only boasts a vast capacity for growth, but also an outstanding reputation among its customers. In addition, this platform enables customers to achieve key objectives such as simplifying their systems maps, unifying applications and technologies, obtaining an information system that integrates the various functional areas on a worldwide scale and bringing together all the systems within their business group.

Avalon is not just ‘another program’; instead it is the most promising sector solution for professional hotel chain management.

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Avalon APPS

Avalon extends its main modules with APPs that will allow you to perform differents tasks from your mobile phone or tablet and from anywhere.


Avalon APPS

Avalon extends its main modules with APPs that will allow you to perform differents tasks from your mobile phone or tablet and from anywhere.


Frequently asked questions

Why Avalon?

Avalon is a professional and integrated management system that principally targets hotel chains. This product has been developed from scratch by a team of professionals with many years of experience in hotel software.

What type of establishments does Avalon target?

Avalon has been developed to meet the needs of both holiday and city hotels, as well as large resorts and complexes located anywhere in the world.

What is Antfor’s experience and standing in the hotel sector?

Antfor boasts more than 15 years’ experience in the development and implementation of management solutions for hotels and hotel chains, and is a major reference in terms of its technological, product and service standards.

What type of functions does Avalon include?

Avalon’s scope extends to all areas of hotel chain management, as well as those that are considered complementary but equally necessary such as integration with reservation channels, electronic billing, human resources, CRM, etc.

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Grupo Batle's Experience

Grupo Batle has been at the forefront of the hospitality industry for more than 50 years. The company currently has 10 hotels in Spain, operating under the ‘Mar Hotels’ registered trademark. In 2005 it embarked on an ambitious strategy with the creation of a new brand under the name of ‘Majestic Resorts’ top level luxury hotels and resorts situated on the beachfront in Punta Cana.

Andrés Oria (CEO) and Miguel Travé (CIO) comment on the experience of the company in recent years:

In May 2007 we considered the possibility of changing our computer system for a number of reasons, several of which are listed below:

  • Lack of integration between the hotel system and the accounting: discrepancies in receivables and stock, etc.
  • Need to operate using two currencies in the Caribbean region.
  • Need to implement automated processes in general and in international billing in particular, in order to make billing and payment processes faster and more efficient.
  • Need to improve internal hotel monitoring with regard to tills, billing, consumables and stocktaking.
  • Need to improve the payment management system.
  • Need for the automation of all processes in general. The previous system was essentially manual and the data lacked accuracy.
  • Need to develop a fast and efficient Reporting tool.

Implementing the system required a lot of hard work and effort, but we had two major and essential factors in our favour: on the one hand we knew exactly what we needed, we had a clear idea of where we were and where we wanted to be in all areas, including finance; and on the other hand Antfor Software and their team are authentic experts in hotels. They really know what they’re talking about. The solutions they provide for day-to-day hotel operations (Reception, Guest Service, Housekeeping, Billing, etc.) are the result of years of experience and are always exactly right. They were always on hand and willing to help whenever needed.

Today the application continues to grow in accordance with changing market technological and functional trends, and we’re proud to be able to say that the change of system has been a complete success. We now have a flexible, dynamic and easy-to-handle hotel management tool that is fully integrated with our economic and financial management system. Some of the key achievements are listed below:

International billing: Delays in billing have been reduced. The next stage that is currently under implementation is the scanning of vouchers at origin, in order to keep billing literally up-to-date. The impact of this measure is an improvement in average payment times as well as a reduction in staff costs. This system provides details and reports on how many invoices these billers check on a daily basis, thereby allowing for an objective assessment of their work.

Integration of the Hotel / Accounting system: We now have a fully integrated system. Avalon’s menus feature epigraphs that make calls to the accounting department and tally a series of points such as receivables, advance payments, deposits, delivery notes and stock. They act as a filter, thereby ensuring that the system works correctly.

Receivables: The system issues a series of data that enables us to analyse our customer portfolio from multiple perspectives: information added, detailed, by Tour Operator, by dates, by debt age, and by Traceabilityevolutinsaction type (advance, invoice, deficit or surplus), etc. An example of the effectiveness of the system is the fact that 90% of our international billing debt is less than 90 days old.

Internal monitoring:

  • Hotel tills: Full details of everything that goes on at the tills.
  • Billing: Both the standard of billing and the monitoring of the persons responsible for these functions have been improved, to the advantage of our cash flow.
  • Consumption: Daily breakdowns of consumptions in the hotel. We know the daily cost per stay, which enables us to make decisions mid-month in order to correct any possible deviations. Comparative studies of consumption sales per PSTs based on simple cost structures for bars, for instance. Changes in stocktaking levels.
  • Profitability calculations per PSTs.
  • Detailed breakdown of production for an exhaustive analysis from the general figures to the smallest detail.
  • Reports are automatically issued by the system, detailing consumption levels per day, month, every 10 days, or for the time interval of our choice.
  • Parameterised desktop alerts.

Process automation: Anything the system can do on its own will get done. This includes a large number of details that contribute to savings not just on personnel costs, but also the time of certain members of staff. This has been particularly true in the case of procurement, due to the operating efficiency of centralised buying and movements between departments in the hotel, where all the stock vouchers are generated by the system.

Reporting: These countless possibilities of this tool allow for daily improvements to be made. The exploitation outlines have been fully implemented, enabling us to tackle the accounting or hotel system or any other third party software as we wish. The Reporting function also enables us to consider the information from multiple perspectives: by hotel, month or year, on a monthly basis, added to the chain and with or without itemised expenditure, etc.


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